Special day for a star: The most important beauty tips for poinsettias

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December 12 is Poinsettia Day, a special day that falls almost exactly two weeks before Christmas, in honour of the undisputed cult plant of Advent and Christmas: the poinsettia. Like many other traditions, this special anniversary originated in the USA. Since 1852, every year Americans have been giving each other Christmas Stars on Poinsettia Day. A look into the history of these beautiful stars reveals how this tradition began.

In memory of the discoverer and name-giver

Poinsettia Day leads back to Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US-American ambassador to Mexico. He was so fascinated by the poinsettias growing wild in the Central American countryside that he brought the plant back from Mexico to the USA in 1828, sending it to friends and botanical gardens all over the country. The beautiful star rapidly gained recognition and officially received the name "poinsettia" in 1836 in memory of the man who had "discovered" it. After Joel Roberts Poinsett died on 12 December 1851, the US Congress declared that this day would henceforth be celebrated as Poinsettia Day.

The perfect occasion for starry greetings

Whether as a gesture of love or friendship, as an apology, get well wish, thank you or "just because" - there are so many reasons for rewarding kindness with a starry surprise. Poinsettia Day is a welcome occasion for this. A variety of colours, growth shapes and design options make sure that there is a poinsettia to suit everyone's taste.

Tip: quick & easy personal star gift

If a simple pot poinsettia seems too impersonal, you can quickly turn it into an individual Christmas gift in just a few steps. An original packaging idea is often enough. For those who like things natural, the pot can be wrapped in simple packing paper. A spruce twig with decorative cones and a few fir sprigs held in place with string provide the adorning accessories. Adding a hand-written note will make the personal star gift perfect. You can also use newspaper or gift wrap as an alternative for decorating the pot.