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Colourful floral arrangements for the festive table. Table decorations with poinsettias in the natural green living trend.

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A great feast isn’t just about the food. A well-dressed table makes all the difference, and flowers are essential. Fresh blooms are food for the soul, making any dinner table somewhere to linger and love. In autumn and winter, colourful poinsettias make beautiful table decorations. With their striking coloured bracts, variety of shapes and versatility, they create perfect floral centrepieces, especially fitting with the trending green living look. Here, decor experts at Stars for Europe showcase a selection of natural table displays with different coloured poinsettias.


Natural charm with handmade details and delicate pink poinsettias

A rustic wooden table, concrete-grey wall and an undecorated fir tree form the backdrop for this natural-looking festive table. The delicate pink of the poinsettias blends perfectly with the brown shades of the table and planters, as well as with simple, industrial style black cutlery. Handmade paper Christmas trees and cutlery holders add a modern, playful touch. Since patterned paper is available in many different styles, your design options are endless.

To make the paper trees you will need sturdy craft paper in different colours and patterns, a ruler, scissors and a pencil.

Draw two isosceles triangles on the paper with a ruler and pencil, each with a bottom length of 12 cm and heights of 22 and 16 cm, and cut them out. Then mark the vertical centre lines of both triangles. Cut into the larger one from below by 14 cm and the smaller one from above by 2.5 cm. Finally, carefully push the triangles into each other vertically so that the lower sides are the same height.

To make cutlery holders with tear-resistant craft paper, draw and cut out an isosceles triangle with a lower side length of 12 and a height of 22 centimetres. Then, a few centimetres from the lower edge, make two paralel central incisions, each about 6.5 centimetres long, and push the cutlery through. Done!

Naturally elegant displays with red poinsettias

Styled  in the trending green living look, pairing elegance with nature, this Christmas table is unfussy thanks to the lack of fabrics and candles. Red poinsettias radiate Christmassy flair. Branches, berries and moss create a warm and natural feeling, while festive accents pop with shiny baubles, vases and candleholders in stylish gold, silver and red.

Welcome guests with a place-setting of poinsettia with decorative berries. Tip: Immediately after cutting, dip the poinsettia stem in approx. 60°C hot water for a few seconds and then immediately in cold water, to stop the milky sap from escaping. Then wrap the end of the stem with green floral tape or place it in a flower tube filled with water.

Planted with red poinsettias and adorned with foraged plant material, this natural bowl makes a beautiful centrepiece on the Christmas table.

Fresh, natural cream poinsettias

This inviting Christmas coffee table, styled in a vintage-inspired green living look, appears just like a painting. White poinsettias add charming contrast to the green tones of their surroundings, with extra accents of colour from gold and wooden items - plus a pop of glamour from lights in the tree.