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The poinsettia has its own holiday

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Bonn, 08 December 2017 – In the calendar of unusual holidays, 12 December is marked by the poinsettia. At least this is true for the USA, where the so-called Poinsettia Day has already been celebrated since this date in 1852. But even in Germany and other European countries, the special day for the popular winter bloomer is gaining followers. But where does this curious day come from and how should it be celebrated?

A star and its ambassador

Poinsettia Day is a day that commemorates the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was the first American ambassador in Mexico and a great plant enthusiast. In 1828 he discovered poinsettias growing wild in Mexico. He was so fascinated by the beauty of this plant that, about 200 years ago, he imported it to the USA and gave it his name as well. The name poinsettia is also used in German. Soon the plant with the prominent red bracts spread across the whole country. Joel Roberts Poinsett died on 12 December 1851. The US congress of 1852 introduced Poinsettia Day in the diplomat’s honour, and it has been celebrated in his memory on 12 December every year since then. Even in Germany this day is attracting growing interest, which can be explained by the important role this bright star meanwhile plays in European Christmas traditions.

The ideal day for star-shaped greetings

The answer to the question of how to best celebrate Poinsettia Day is obvious: It’s the perfect day to bring joy to our loved ones in the shape of a poinsettia. Whether as a message of love to a partner, a symbol of affection for a best friend, to bring cheer to the friendly saleswomen at the bakeshop or to say thanks to a helpful neighbour – a poinsettia is the right gift for every occasion. This beautiful winter bloomer comes in so many different colours and shapes that by adding accessories for every taste, a suitable arrangement can be created. But even without any additional decoration, the plant with its showy bracts cuts a fine figure on its own. If you’re still not sure what the ideal poinsettia greeting looks like, you can find all kinds of ideas for making beautiful gifts with poinsettias at

By the way: In the USA “Gingerbread House Day” is another special day that is celebrated on December 12. A perfect match for Poinsettia Day, as both gingerbread houses and poinsettias are beautiful (pre) Christmas decorations that go well together.

More pictures and texts with decoration and gift ideas as well as further information on poinsettias can be found in a free download at free of charge with reference to the “Stars for Europe” image source, specimen copy requested.