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The diversity of poinsettias

The popular houseplant scores with a variety of colours, sizes and growth forms.

In the last two months of the year, they’re everywhere you look: poinsettias. The star among winter bloomers is so diverse that you can find a variety to match any interior style or personal taste. You will encounter poinsettias most often in classic red and in pots from 11 to 13 cm in diameter. But you will also see...

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Poinsettia miniatures: A little goes a long way. How little stars make it big.

Potted plants in miniature format are very en vogue. These delicate plants don’t need much space and are true eye-catchers on any table, windowsill or dresser. They also make small but lovely gifts. During the Christmas season, poinsettia miniatures are very popular. Thanks to their colourful star-shaped bracts, these petite plants can be used to conjure up a Christmas mood in no time. Stars for...

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Upcycling idea for the festive dining table: Poinsettia miniatures in clothespin mantle

Bonn, 19 December 2017 – What would Christmas be without festive meals in the circle of family and friends? In addition to special dishes and drinks, compelling table decorations in particular will set the mood. And inviting numerous guests also calls for place cards. With its colourful star-shaped bracts, this “canned” poinsettia miniature embellished with clothespins extends a radiant welcome to...

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Quick gift ideas with poinsettias

Bonn, 14 december 2017 – In the Christmas season, small gifts are in high demand and with a poinsettia you can’t go wrong. Recipients of presents are really happy when a plant with stunning bracts is arranged with love, in a pretty packaging or a homemade pot. The following ideas for small handcrafted poinsettia gifts “to go” will show that neither much time nor crafting skills are required.

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Upcycling meets vintage: Advent table decoration with poinsettias

Bonn, 12 December 2017 – Candlelight and poinsettias spread festive flair during the Christmas season. In this Advent table decoration, both elements are combined to generate maximum Christmas spirit. The pretty DIY idea with old china as plant pots will appeal to vintage and upcycling fans alike and makes for the perfect gift for a host or hostess. With a bit of creativity, they can be made in...

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The poinsettia has its own holiday

Bonn, 08 December 2017 – In the calendar of unusual holidays, 12 December is marked by the poinsettia. At least this is true for the USA, where the so-called Poinsettia Day has already been celebrated since this date in 1852. But even in Germany and other European countries, the special day for the popular winter bloomer is gaining followers. But where does this curious day come from and how...

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