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Kick-off for the Christmas season. Advent calendar ideas with poinsettias.

Bonn, 07 November 2018. The Christmas countdown is on from 1 December. Those 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve are a precious time with the family. An Advent calendar filled with small gifts and lots of tradition will put particularly the children in the mood for the coming celebration. The main ingredients for the Advent calendar ideas presented here are poinsettias and love!

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Poinsettia ABC. What the leaves tell us about a poinsettia.

Full, dark-green foliage and radiant bracts in brilliant colours with greenish-yellow buds centred between the bracts: these are the earmarks of a healthy, fresh plant that has been given proper care. Yellowed, drooping or fallen leaves, on the contrary, are a sign that the plant’s needs are not being met. The association of European poinsettia breeders, Stars for Europe, knows what the foliage of...

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Christmastime: Childhood dreams come true! Magical moments with the poinsettia.

The weeks of Advent and Christmas are a very special time. It’s a time for wishes, for rituals and symbols, when friends and family meet up to celebrate together. Children especially love the traditions and symbolism of Christmas. Visions of decorated Christmas trees, a lovingly handmade Advent calendar and the soft glow of candles, alongside handcrafting ornaments and presents, baking, decorating...

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The diversity of poinsettias

The popular houseplant scores with a variety of colours, sizes and growth forms.

In the last two months of the year, they’re everywhere you look: poinsettias. The star among winter bloomers is so diverse that you can find a variety to match any interior style or personal taste. You will encounter poinsettias most often in classic red and in pots from 11 to 13 cm in diameter. But you will also see...

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Poinsettia miniatures: A little goes a long way. How little stars make it big.

Potted plants in miniature format are very en vogue. These delicate plants don’t need much space and are true eye-catchers on any table, windowsill or dresser. They also make small but lovely gifts. During the Christmas season, poinsettia miniatures are very popular. Thanks to their colourful star-shaped bracts, these petite plants can be used to conjure up a Christmas mood in no time. Stars for...

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Upcycling idea for the festive dining table: Poinsettia miniatures in clothespin mantle

Bonn, 19 December 2017 – What would Christmas be without festive meals in the circle of family and friends? In addition to special dishes and drinks, compelling table decorations in particular will set the mood. And inviting numerous guests also calls for place cards. With its colourful star-shaped bracts, this “canned” poinsettia miniature embellished with clothespins extends a radiant welcome to...

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