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Are you looking for press information and professional photos about poinsettias? Then you've come to the right place! Discover now the many facets of the all-round winter beauties. The offer on this page will be constantly increased.

Radiantly beautiful Christmas. Hanging decorations with poinsettias.

Bonn, XX.XX.2019. True poinsettia fans like having these brightly-coloured winter bloomers in sight at all times. Hanging poinsettia decorations are especially well-suited for this, as they lift up the beautiful stars to eye level in every sense of the word. These magnificent plants hang from the ceiling, adorn Christmas trees, branches and walls and even wardrobes and cupboards. The following...

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Dream wedding in December. Just married – Poinsettia & the winter bride

Bonn, 07.10.2019. Who would have thought? Every tenth couple gets married in December. A winter wedding has its very own magic. Such a romantic December celebration often takes place somewhere between snow flurries and flickering candlelight. It’s not uncommon for important personal reasons to be a factor for choosing Advent, of all times, for the wedding. After all, there’s enough hustle and...

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Not only at Christmas time. Autumn magic with poinsettias

With its star-shaped, luminously-red bracts the classic poinsettia is an ideal room decoration in the Advent and Christmas season. But what some people don’t know: With this beautiful winter bloomer you can also make fantastic autumn decorations. In salmon, yellow, cinnamon, rosé, white or apricot poinsettias transform rooms into feel-good oases of relaxation where the autumn blues don’t stand a...

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Time for colourful poinsettias

Christmas wonderland with poinsettias

Poinsettias are just as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree, home-baked cookies and candlelight. With their magnificent bracts they bring colour to winter rooms and light up happy faces. This beautiful winter bloomer is also extremely versatile and diversified. Whether in red, pink, white, salmon, apricot or the many other available colour shades,...

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It’s not winter without a poinsettia. Tips for plant care

Ever since the 1950s when German breeders succeeded in cultivating the first poinsettia plants that could flourish in heated rooms, poinsettias have been an indispensable component of the Advent and Christmas season. This diversified star among winter bloomers with its magnificently-coloured bracts accompanies people all over the world throughout the most beautiful time of the year as long as they...

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