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A quick guide to buying poinsettias

Bonn, 20 November 2017 – In the last months of the year the poinsettia is the most-sold flowering house plant. Its star-shaped brightly-coloured bracts make this winter bloomer one of the most popular decorations in the Christmas season and also a pleasing present. If you want to be sure that a poinsettia will retain its beauty for a long time, some simple rules should be observed when shopping....

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Splendid stars made easy

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, poinsettias are the absolute stars among the flowering house plants. With their brightly-coloured, star-shaped bracts and lush green foliage they bring a touch of nature into homes at the dark time of year and create a happy mood and a Christmas atmosphere. In the subtropical climate of their native Mexico poinsettias are shrubs that grow to a height of one...

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The poinsettia: Always a beautiful present

Christmas is known as a celebration of love and a time for reflection. Friends and family meet up to spend time together and enjoy the festivities together. But sadly the real meaning of Christmas often gets lost these days. Rather than peace and calm, the weeks before Christmas are often filled with frantic consumerism. Giving a “Christmas Star” as a present can do much to restore some of the...

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